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Hope VA is your Virtual Assistant – bringing hope and health to the Pacific! Simply WhatsApp the word “Bible” or “Health” using the numbers or links below and she will message you right back to start your journey — it’s FREE to use! Share it with your friends!

>> The I WILL GO RIDERS are making their way from Brisbane, to Eugowra, NSW (1150km) Friday May 24 – June 31 and will be sharing Hope VA as they stop and share with people along their way south. Look for Hope VA coming to Australia in September 2024!

Country NameWhatsApp NumberFree
🇦🇺AustraliaFull installation
September 2024
🇦🇸American Samoa(+1 684) 782 7000
🇫🇯Fiji(+679) 501 0003
🇰🇮Kiribati(+679) 501 0003
🇳🇷Nauru(+674) 55 70000
🇳🇺Niue(+683) 888 1111
🇵🇬Papua New Guinea(+675) 7000 1190
🇼🇸Samoa(+685) 72 30000
🇸🇧Solomon Islands(+677) 782 9999
🇹🇴Tonga(+676) 8 777 777
🇹🇻Tuvalu(+688) 700 7000
🇻🇺Vanuatu(+678) 555 0707
Choose the Country above that you are living in.

Discover with Hope VA..

Bible Studies

Hope VA will take you on a journey to discover the Great Hope – life with Jesus and the difference he can make in your life.

Health Lessons

Discover a healthier you and find out how you can be part of bringing hope to the Pacific through healthy habits.


Our Guide team can support you and help you find others on a similar journey of health and hope-filled living.

Share Hope VA with your friends!

You can message Hope VA and either learn on your own or better still, lead a lesson with a group of friends in your home or village. As Hope messages you, discuss her messages as a group and message her your group’s replies – it’s that simple!

Hope VA showing phone

Hope VA can study with thousands of people simultaneously, right across the Pacific. Share her with your friends and family!

Russ Willcocks, Adventist Technology, South Pacific Division

Discover Hope in the Bible and better Health today!

Send your feedback or suggestions to feedback@hopeva.org.au

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